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September 7, 2009

as requested

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Here I am, sitting in my room

Staring at the window, feeling so alone

Reminiscing the memories we had

Wishing we could bring it back once more

I can still hear the sound of your voice

Hoping to be with you again


I miss you…

And all the things that we’ve been through

I miss you…

Praying you feel the same way too

I wanna hold you in my arms tonight

And never let you out my sight

Coz I miss you…


Here I am, in the cold dark night

Looking at your picture, wondering where you are

Remembering the times you turn your eyes on mine

Telling how much love you have for me

I can still feel the warmth of your embrace

I want to be with you again

(repeat chorus)


It’s been so long but this feelings never fade away

Still dreaming about the day,

We’ll find our hearts to be as one again

Now, all I have to say is that,

I still love you so..

(repeat chorus 2x except last line)

Coz I.. love you…


July 20, 2009

baby pa kasi..

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I don’t know what he was thinking. I don’t know why at school we don’t talk that much. Unlike when we’re all alone or through text we have so much stories to tell. nagkakahiyaan lang ba? or he had some secrets that’s why he don’t want others to know about our closeness? He’s asking if I would catch him if he would fall for me? How would I? He doesn’t make any steps.. hay.. puro text nalang.. I’m not a kid anymore. And he should know that. Be mature boy! Your in college now. Show it personally!!

May 29, 2009

sign na ba un?

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Last night, I prayed to God before going to sleep. I was crying out to Him. Sabi ko ” Lord, kung hindi siya ung para sakin gawan nyo na po ng way para matigil ung communication namen or ipakita niyo po in any way so that kung kelangan umiwas na po iiwas na talaga. ” I know in my self kasi that i’m starting to like him. Para siyang nanliligaw ngayon. Kaso dahil nga sa mga experiences sa past, i’m afraid to take the risk. Para bang takot na ko magmahal ulit, takot na masaktan, takot na din magkamali ulit. Kaya I keep on praying for that. So I had this dream last night. About this guy that I like. And this is what happened in my dream.

..I was in the house lng when he called(the guy that I like). In the middle of our conversation, out of nowhere he said “may girlfriend na ako dati pa. Sorry. Hindi ko agad nasabi sa’yo.” I was shocked!! biglang na-cut ung line. Then nagmessage siya. Mahaba ung message konti lang ung natandaan ko. Eto lang, “you’re such a nice person blah blah blah.. you deserve someone and it’s not me. I’m not the one for you.” *OUCH*. Gusto na niyang lumayo.  That’s when the time I started to cry. The last scene was, he is riding in a jeep then ako nasa daan lang crying while looking at him na papalayo sakin. I was left crying nalang and in so much pain. Sabi ko sa sarili ko “eto na nga ba un eh, this is what i’m afraid of. Nangyari nanaman.”

Then buti nalang  may nagtext at dahil maingay ung phone ko, nagising ako. Pag gising ko ang bigat bigat ng pakiramdam ko. Naninikip ung dibdib ko kaya medyo nahirapan akong huminga. Then I started to think about my dream. I prayed again and started to cry. Naisip ko lang kung ung dun sa dream nga sobrang sakit na what more pa kaya sa reality. And then I asked, “un n nga kya ung sign that i’m looking for?”

March 18, 2009

now that you’re near

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Hold me in Your arms, never let me go
I wanna spend eternity with You

I stand before You Lord, and give You all my praise
Your love is all I need, Jesus You’re all I need
My life belongs to You, You gave Your life for me
Your grace is all I need, Jesus You’re all I need

Hold me in Your arms, never let me go
I wanna spend eternity with You

And now that You’re near
Everything is different
Everything so different, Lord
I know I’m not the same
My life You’ve changed
I wanna be with You
I wanna to be with You

And I will sing for You always
Cause in Your presence God
Is where I want to stay

take delight in simplest things

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Guess what I gave my wife on the eve of our wedding.

My honeymoon present, if you may.

Right after the big wedding of a thousand guest, at 12:00 midnight, when we were finally alone in our hotel room in a far-away resort as two awkward and giddy virgins with excited hormones slambanging and sloshing through our veins, I decided it was time to give her honeymoon present.

Wrapped in a simple brown bag, my bride took one look at it and was petrified.

After all, it was our honeymoon and I could legally give her anything sexy, sexual, sensual, seductive, and all the intimate “s” words you can think of and God wouldn’t mind.

She closed her eyes and poked her hand in the bank and pulled it out.

And so there it was in its all green and yellow glory, a Crayola box of 64 crayons, with built-in sharpener in the middle. Plus three coloring books of Winnie the Pooh.(Months back, she told me that one of her fantasies was to have her own 64-set Crayola. I was about to share my own fantasies with her but decided against it.)

So upon seeing the crayons, my bride shrieked and went to work at once. She poured out the fat little sticks of peach and magenta and pink and amber and silver and gold… and all the way until 3:00 AM, Winnie the Pooh bacame beautiful in her hands. (Unfortunately for me, she forget about the excited hormones slambanging and sloshing through her veins.)

That’s why I always say that our honeymoon was the most colorful in the world.

And our lives have been such!

We take delight in the simplest things.

Sure, I could have given her one-carat diamond ring. Or a lady’s rolex. Or a new pair of ferragamos. But I didn’t because of two important reasons. First, I couldn’t afford them. Second, we were learning to delight in the simplest things.

I have here a list of things you can do that’s really downright inexpensive.

Take a stroll together.

Watch the sunrise from your window and pray.

Play with a baby.

Read a good book under a tree.

Watch a walt disney film with the kids.

Order coffe (and nothing else) with your beloved one late night at a hotel lounge.

Sleep till 9:00 AM one saturday.

Write love letters to your friends.

As early as April, make your own Christmas gifts.

Smile at strangers.


Take delight in the simplest things.

-Bo Sanchez

March 16, 2009

Discover yourself

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In the parties that I attended, I’ve noticed a common ritual that happens around the Karaoke or Videoke machine. I’ve discovered three stages in ritual.

First, someone is cajoled to sing for the group. He first declines adamantly like it was as preposterous as running for President of the Philippines. He in fact points to others who may sing better-but if for some bizzare reason people don’t continue pressing for him to sing, you will notice that he will go home utterly depressed and may even hang himself.

But let’s say the ritual is followed and people keep urging him to sing. The would-be singer declines now with shy humor-inviting them to pressure them more. He says inane stuff like, “ayoko, baka ma-discover ako.”

The second stage of ritual is when the singer takes the microphone, pulls from his left pocket an audio cassete and says, “minus one ko, side A. Nakasalang na yan.”

The third stage happens after the song. Everyone asks for an encore-no matter if his voice gives eveyone a brief introductory experience of the pains of hell. The Filipino audience is supposed to praise him with words like, “naku, kailangang may makadiscover sa’yo! Kalinya mo si Martin Nievera!”

Let me focus on one point about this ritual: This whole thing about getting “discovered”.

I believe that in real life, getting discovered by someone else is not as important as discovering yourself.

You discover the beauty, the glory, the wonder that is you.

Listen to a quote that I got from Mike Murdock:

“Popularity is when others like you. Happiness is when you like yourself.”

Do you like yourself?

Do you enjoy being you?

Do you celebrate and throw a party because of the goodness that God has bestowed on you from very beginning?

Let me say this again: Don’t wait to be discovered. Pray. Be quiet. Look within yourself through His eyes. Discover!

And be completely awed at how beautiful, how special, how wonderful you really are.


-Bo Sanchez

Cherish your chosen one

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Getting married is the greatest mistake anyone can ever make. Being wed is the height of insanity, the most ludicrous commitment, the most totally illogical decision any human being can fall into. Tell me. Why should I commit myself to be with one woman for the rest of my life – and thereby reject 3.2 billion other females in the world? Along the way, I’ll meet a girl who’ll be more beautiful, more intelligent, or more charming, or sexier, or holier… So why nail myself down to one choice, permanently – and suffer the agony of simply watching beauties pass me by? And in western countries, one out of two marriages end up in divorce. That blows my mind. That’s a pathetic 50% failure rate! I would never buy a car, stereo, a shaver, or even a nail clipper if there was a 50% chance that it would conk out on me. I simply wouldn’t! And why stay with one person “in sickness and in health, in riches or in poverty, till death do us part”? Is my mind fried? If my shirt shrinks on me because I ate too many pizzas, don’t I just throw it away and buy an XL? (that will be the day.) And if I outgrow my ancient computer, don’t I just look for an updated version? And then there’s a catastrophe some called kids. I mean, do I really want to wake up in the middle of the night to entertain a self-centered, bald, toothless, tyrant in diapers? Do I really want little rampaging monsters t break the most expensive furniture in my house? Do I really want juvenile creatures to stay on the phone for six hours staright, listen to noise they call music that you believe came directly from hell, and mope around uncommunicative, catatonic, and depressed because another demented juvenile creature (a.k.a boyfriend) hasn’t called in the past thirty minutes? Why should I go through the torture? Marriage is insanity. But a few years ago, on my 32nd birthday, I gave myself a special birthday gift: I got married to a lovely woman – and commited myself to insane living. Marowe is her name, the person I chose – out of 3.2 billion females. Yes, we now have a tint tyrant that wakes us up at night, and in the near future, we will most likely have little monsters that will destroy our house during playtime, and creatures from outer space that we weill call teenagers. Why? For three reasons. FAITH. We believe that God calls us into marriage. And if He called us there, that means He’ll be there to meet us. We will suffer all things – just let us be with our God. HOPE. We confidentialy expect the best blessings – immesurably much more than all the hardship. God will bless us beyond our wildest dreams. LOVE. Oh yes, there will be other females who’ll be more beautifu, or more intelligent, or more this and more that… But they’ll always be just that – females – like flowers in the field of a million hectares of flower fields. But not this woman – my marowe – the one beautiful flower I have personally chosen, personally picked from her roots, personally planted in my own clay pot, personally watered everyday, personally watched everyday, and personally loved everyday. Because of my love for her, there will be no one like her. In my heart, she will eternally be the most beautiful flower of them all. Because in the end, there will only be faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love. -Bo Sanchez

March 1, 2009

Love letter from God

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This is a love letter from God.

Try to see this.

Maybe it will change your life.

here’s the link.

touching message

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Did you ever wonder why I don’t use My power to make people do what I want?

….I wanted a real relationship with you. That’s why I gave you a freewill. I wanted you to have the freedom to choose Me. If I had to force you to love Me, would your love mean as much?

Sometimes you will make the wong choices. But I’m willing to risk that, because when you finally choose My plans for you, I know it will be your decision.”


February 28, 2009

Hello world!

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